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Scott Wolfe



Dr. Scott Wolfe is an experienced, innovative and authoritative expert in orthopedic upper extremity care. In 2017, Dr. Wolfe was awarded the prestigious Elizabeth Lanier Kappa Delta Award, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery’s highest award for outstanding clinical research.

He maintains an active practice and teaches daily as a Weill-Cornell Medical School Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. He is recognized for his clinical and research expertise in the wrist, complex brachial plexus and nerve injuries, fracture care, and for his leadership in improving the surgical education, skill level, and techniques practiced by the most up-to-date hand surgeons. Dr. Wolfe has has published well over 175 peer-reviewed papers throughout his 28 year career in the most respected American and international medical journals. Dr. Wolfe is Editor-in-Chief of Green’s Operative Hand Surgery, the gold standard of upper extremity surgical texts. His career goal is to help achieve consistently superior patient outcomes in hand and nerve surgery.


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