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Sander Dijkstra



Professor Dijkstra serves as professor of orthopaedic surgery at Leiden University Medical Center, the largest bone and soft tumour centre in the Netherlands. After completing his graduate medical study at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Prof Dijkstra completed a thesis on long-bone pathological fractures resulting from bone metastases under the supervision of Prof C.J Snider and Dr T Wiggers. He then undertook extensive further post-graduate medical education, including orthopaedic training at Westeinde hospital,  The Hague, specific training in medical oncology  at Leids University Medical Center, and a two-year  oncology and spine fellowship at centres in Pamplona (Spain) and Kanazawa (Japan).


Prof Dijkstra has served on the boards of the Dutch Orthopaedic Society, the Dutch Bone Tumor Society, the European Osteosarcoma Intergroup and the European Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society, in addition to membership of more than a dozen orthopaedic, spine and education societies in Europe and North America.


Prof Dijkstra’s research, clinical expertise and development work has focused on the tumours fibrous dysplasia, giantcel tumour, chondrosarcoma on the sites spine and pelvic surgery, and computer assisted surgery and 3D printed prostheses. He developed new treatment strategy's and innovative reconstructions and prosthesis in especially the pelvic surgery. In order to identify riskfactors to predict patient's survival his research group established big data sets based on collaborating tumour centers world-wide.


He’s been invited numerous times to present lectures at international meetings, including EFORT and SICOT congresses.


Prof Dijkstra has served as editor of Dutch national guidelines on fibrous dysplasia, pathological fractures, intensive care and spinal bone metastasis. He has contributed scores of articles to peerreviewed publications, and his sarcoma group recently launched two tumour app's.


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