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Michael Schuetz



Professor Michael Schuetz (FRACS, FAOrthA) is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon and  research leader in the field of trauma care and orthopaedic trauma research. He is Chair of Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery at the Humboldt University and Free University of Berlin, Director of the Centre for Musculoskeletal Surgery at the Charité Berlin. Previously Michael was Chair of Trauma at the QLD University of Technology and Director of Trauma at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, 2004–2016 in Brisbane.


Prof Schuetz’s research interests lie in trauma, fracture healing and implant development. He has been published in more than 200 peer-reviewed journals, including The Lancet,  Critical Care and Acta Biomaterialia. With an h-index of 35, his work has been cited more than 3,760 times, and he has attracted over $5 million in research support grants.

Longstanding strategic partnerships with key players in the orthopaedic device industry  have yielded over $1.5 million in research funding. In 2014 Michael received the AOA Research Award.


Prof Schuetz served as Chairman of the AO Asia Pacific Working Group on Implant Design from 2006–2011, focusing on the development of orthopaedic implants specially for Asia Pacific populations, and was a core member of the QLD Trauma Plan Working Group and inaugural chair of the state-wide Clinical Network for Trauma in QLD, 2007–2010. He served as AO Research Institute Advisory Committee Chair, 2011–2016, and was member of the AOA Strategic Research Board, Board Member of the Australian Orthopaedic Trauma Society and member of RACS’s Australian Trauma Committee. He has served as a member of two advisory groups reporting to the Department of Health and Ageing.


Michael recently became Chairman of the AO Incubator Board fostering proof-of-concept projects in the field of orthopaedic trauma.


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