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Lawrence Malisano


Australian Orthopaedic Association

2018 has been a busy year for everyone and brings the Australian Orthopaedic Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting to Perth, Western Australia.  This is an exciting opportunity for you to continue your professional development with robust scientific discussions in a recently constructed, world-class venue. The scientific program is complemented by the opportunity to enjoy Western Australia¹s beautiful climate, internationally-leading cuisine and wines, and experience WA's vast, natural beauty.


AOA is delighted to bring you world-leading experts, whose experiences will develop your own professional practice for 'better patient outcomes', which is the theme of this year¹s meeting.


Professor Gerald Hickson, from the Centre for Professional and Patient Advocacy, Vanderbilt University, will condense almost 30 years of experience as to how patient and co worker reported behaviour has facilitated the development of management protocols with proven positive influences upon patient morbidity, outcomes, and medico-legal issues.


Professor Keith Willett is responsible for key management of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. His observations led to the development of successful best practice protocols for the management of trauma and the elderly with fragility fractures. Scientific data analysis links these protocols to improvement of patient outcomes and decreased mortality.


Each provides a unique view as to how to achieve better patient outcomes. One reflects foundation competencies, the bedrock for AOA 21; the other management issues, and their amalgamation to influence patient outcomes and mortality for the benefit to all.


I am deeply appreciative of the support provided by Greg and Catherine Witherow, as conveners, and of Alison Fallon, event manager supported by AOA staff, to develop an experience which you will both enjoy and view as complimentary to your professional practice.


Brigitte and I extend our invitation for you to experience a unique part of our great continent, and develop strategies from local and international medical leaders on how our patients can benefit by achieving “better patient outcomes”.


Lawrence Malisano

AOA President


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