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Buland Thapa

Nepal Orthopaedic Association


Buland Thapa is currently Professor at the National Academy of Medical Sciences and is

Chief Consultant in Orthopedic/Trauma Surgery at the Ministry of Health. He has completed 32 years of medical service in the Ministry of Health.


He is also the Former Executive Director at National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital and National Trauma Center.


Buland Thapa has published numerous original papers in both national and international journals. He also invented Buland’s radial head prostheses, long bone distraction/compression rod system with Thapa-Lawrence suture technique.


He currently holds a number of other appointments, including; Academician, Nepal Academy of Science & Technology, Chairman, APOA Disaster Relief Sub Committee and Co-Chairman, Regional Technical Advisory Group – Road Traffic Injuries, WHO-SEARO. He is also the National Data Coordinator, RTI, Ministry of Health.


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